1. Initial use

For the product's safety during shipping, the installed cartridge bottom sticks, and insulating sticker. When used for the first time please remove. *The LED light flashes 3 times when the pod is connected with the device.

2. Auto Mode and Manual Mode

Two modes are available: auto-sensing and button-fire

3. Turn on/off

Continuously press 5 times in 2.5 seconds, the LED flashes 5 times to start up. 

4. Vaping

The LED light will be on when vaping, and the LED light will be off when stop vaping. * When continuous vaping time is over 10 seconds, the device will stop working and the LED flashes 3 times.

5. Short-circuit protection

The device stops working and the LED flashes 3 times with red-green-white when short circuit happens.

6. Variable voltage adjustable

Switch to the voltage mode by pressing button 3 times when device is powered on, different colors LED will flash 3 times to show the corresponding voltages

Level 1: Constant Voltage GREEN

Level 2: Full Power Mode WHITE

*atomizer stops working and flashes 10 times when voltage is lower than 3,3v,

* Connecting charger triggers red light, switching to white when voltage is higher than 4,15v. The LED shuts down itself when device is fully charged.

*Do not inhale immediately after filling the pod, let the whole kit sit for 2-3 minutes to get the cotton completely saturated.