Delta-9 THC is the cannabinoid found in marijuana that is responsible for getting the user high. Delta-9 THC is the oldest of all cannabinoids and is derived naturally from both the cannabis and hemp plant. When derived from cannabis, Delta-9 THC produces a powerful high that often leaves the user overwhelmed and can even increase paranoia. Yet when Delta-9 THC is harvested from hemp, it contains 0.3%THC or less and thus contains no psychoactive effects. 

Over the years, marijuana has faced a tumultuous existence as it has been called “a gateway drug” on one end of the spectrum and “a godsend” on the other. Weed used to be viewed in an extremely negative light but recently became acknowledged for its powerful healing properties. Many states are fighting for both the medicinal and recreational use to become legal, and many states have enjoyed a skyrocketing success rate when it comes to all things weed-related. Delta-9 THC is directly responsible for marijuana’s euphoria and powerful high due to its interaction with your body’s natural Endocannabinoid System (ECS for short) and its ability to activate your brain’s CB1 receptors. Yet the overly powerful high was a turn-off for many and scientists began searching for a psychoactive alternative that was able to deliver the same psychoactive effects, just in a subdued form. That subdued form was dubbed Delta-8 THC and a brand new world of psychoactive cannabinoids was born.