Our water soluble CBD tinctures are truly amazing since they can be encapsulated in the form of CBD capsules, CBD softgels, CBD creams, CBD gummies, and other pure CBD edibles. This way, you can easily enjoy it with any of your favorite drinks or foods. Now your body absorbs a large amount of CBD faster and results in you enjoying more benefits of CBD.

Because oil-based CBD is less dense than water and separates more easily, traditional CBD oil tinctures don't mix well in liquid drinks. Water soluble CBD oil, on the other hand, may have additional benefits due to its increased bioavailability.

Cannabinoid molecules must be transformed into nanoparticles in order to make a water soluble CBD oil. Because of their small size, the body absorbs these nano CBDs easier.

Much like thc free oil-based CBD, our water soluble CBD is devoid of THC, which is responsible for the high psychoactive effects of standard THC. Water soluble CBD, however, is a CBD extract that has been converted to a water soluble form, making it much easier for the body to absorb by mixing it with any drinks or foods. Therefore, since this type of CBD dissolves in water, you can rest easy that your body gets enough of the benefits of CBD.

Water-soluble CBD has several advantages such as:

The amount of healthy nutrients in a product that the body can absorb is referred to as bioavailability.

When it comes to water soluble CBD products, high bioavailability means you body will be able to absorb more CBD then an oil based product that would need to be broken down in the gut before moving into the blood stream.

Compared to oil-based CBD, water soluble CBD gives users more flexibility in terms of how they use the product.

This also means that you always know exactly how much you're getting with each dose, so you can rest easy as it won't leave you guessing or trying to remember how much you previously consumed.

Water soluble CBD refers to its ability to dissolve in water homogeneously by separating into CBD molecules or ions and has recently become popular in the CBD industry.

Cannabinoids are oily hydrophobic substances, which means they are not water soluble. They can, however, be made to be one. Regular CBD can be made water soluble by forming them as micro- or nanoemulsions

Nanotechnology is the science and engineering involved in the synthesis, design, characterization, and application of materials in their smallest functional organization on the nanometer scale, which is used to create water soluble CBD.

Oils can be formulated to be water soluble using a liquid suspension process to protect and deliver bioactive components. Regular CBD becomes water soluble after being broken down into tiny CBD particles, allowing it to seamlessly mix with the water molecules.

Whether you struggle with a routine or want water soluble CBD products that deliver impressive results quickly, water soluble CBD may be the answer you've been looking for.

If you are looking for CBD products that you can incorporate into your daily routine and would like to learn more about our selection of water soluble CBD products, contact us at ERTH HEMP today.


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