Smoking hemp is legal and has no intoxicating effects. According to the Farm Bill passed in 2018, CBD with a THC level of less than 0.3% is legal, so you can safely order CBD joints online.

CBD flowers can help you relax and calm down, and many customers love using it to wind down after work or to deal with stress.

Pre-rolled hemp joints are convenient and ready to go. They're even portioned out into 1-gram packages. If you don't have experience rolling them yourself, this is a good introductory option.

If you have experience smoking any kind of rolled cigarette or joint, these pre-rolls will work exactly the same as your previous experiences.

It helps to trim the end of each joint to cut off the excess paper, so you can light the end easily and keep the joint burning evenly. Each pre-rolled joint is filled with quality flower, so you can expect a steady, smooth burn.

Many customers have found that smoking CBD helps them by decreasing anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping, and even pain. Smoking CBD works faster than any of the other delivery methods, including vaping. That's a major benefit for anyone seeking near-instant relief.

Some people use CBD to help regulate their moods or deal with chronic pain. It has been known to help with arthritic pain, muscle pain, and even pain from Multiple Sclerosis. It can also decrease stress and clinical anxiety.

CBD from hemp is also an anti-inflammatory, and that could be why it helps with pain. This quality means that it may be able to reduce acne or soothe flare-ups. It even helps regulate oil production in your skin, which is a source of breakouts for many.

CBD joints are a good option for cigarette addicts who would like to quit. Research suggests that CBD may actually help smokers decrease their tobacco intake. Unlike tobacco, CBD has no addictive properties, and it doesn't contain the contaminants found in most cigarettes. In fact, studies suggest that CBD is safe to consume even in large quantities.

You may already be familiar with the concept of different cannabis strains. The hemp buds in these pre-rolled joints also come in different strain types.

You may be familiar with indica and sativa strains, and those categories apply to CBD as well. Hemp flower contains a variety of cannabinoids that affect the smoking experience, including in terms of flavor and how it affects your mood. We even have hybrid strains on offer, like Blue Dream, which produces a euphoric and creative feeling, or Clementine, which gives you an energetic feeling and boosts your mood.

Looking at the specific hemp strain in your CBD joint can give you more insight into whether or not it will fit your needs. Some of our CBD pre-rolls are enhanced with terpenes, giving them a more intense flavor and targeted uses.

One of our custom strains, Cherry Blossom, has even won an award for Best CBD Flower. All of our CBD joints contain unprocessed CBD flower with 14-16% total cannabinoids.

Since we use whole buds in these CBD hemp joints, they are full-spectrum, meaning they include trace amounts of THC, and all other cannabinoids. That combination creates the entourage effect.

Experts think that the presence of all natural cannabis compounds in a CBD product could heighten the overall effects of the CBD. This theory is called the entourage effect.

Terpenes are chemical compounds that are responsible for flavor in different plants. Cannabis is known for having high terpene levels, but hemp and CBD products also contain these compounds.

Each of these compounds naturally creates a unique scent and taste, and they also have unique health and wellness benefits. Hemp contains a terpene count of up to 200, and unique strains will focus on specific blends to create a better smoking experience.

For example, myrcene is a terpene common in hemp, and it has sedative, calming properties associated with it. That makes it a compound to look for if you're smoking hemp to relieve pain or get to sleep. It also has a unique scent and flavor found in aromatic herbs, flowers, and even mangoes.

Each of our hemp flower products has a unique terpene profile, and you can view it for yourself in the product images. Our airtight packaging keeps the flavors fresh until your orders arrive at your doorstep.


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