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CBD flower comes in the form of whole buds, and is packed into airtight containers to preserve freshness. CBD is derived from the cannabis plant, but unlike marijuana, it has no intoxicating effects because it doesn't contain THC. Instead, this compound is known for its potential to improve your mood and even reduce pain.

There are several hemp strains available, and each has a unique terpene profile that affects the flavor. These cultivated strains have distinct flavor profiles and uses.

Smokable hemp flower has many unique benefits. These buds have a high CBD concentration and they have several health and wellness benefits.

CBD is best known for giving users a feeling of calmness, and that effect is especially useful for anyone who deals with stress or chronic anxiety. Some people use it to regulate their moods. It can lift your mood and create euphoric feelings, depending on the strain.

Studies have shown it has anti-inflammatory purposes, which can help with several health issues. This ability may contribute to pain relief, and many hemp smokers use it to help manage chronic pain conditions.

In addition to the pain relief, CBD nugs can be used for their ability to soothe skin. It can soothe acne and redness, especially when applied topically.

This form of hemp is versatile, and it can be used in several ways. The most traditional way to use CBD flower is to crush it up and smoke it, whether out of a rolled joint or a pipe. Smoking hemp is the fastest way to see its effects.

However, if you don't want to smoke your CBD, there are many other ways to consume CBD hemp buds.

If you're an avid tea-drinker, try brewing your hemp bud along with your usual tea. If you have a loose-leaf tea, it blends in easily when crushed for a relaxing, delicious beverage. You can also use CBD flowers to infuse a drink. Some possible options are juice and kombucha.

Just as cannabis is commonly used in baking, you can use crushed flower buds in your cooking or baking. To make best use of it, try pairing it with a buttery recipe; lipids increase the bioavailability of CBD. There's a reason brownies, with their strong chocolatey flavor and high fat content, are a staple!

You can even make use of its topical properties by adding it to a bath or to lotion.

Different strains of hemp flowers are bred to have different effects. They share certain relaxing qualities, but different strains can target different needs.

In cannabis, sativa and indica are two prominent categories. Sativa is associated with an energetic, uplifting feeling, while indica focuses on the body and tackles inflammation.

For example, Sour Space Candy is a popular strain that has a sweet, sour flavor, with a terpene profile of mint, sour candy, and apple. It's an energizing sativa that's best used in the daytime.

You can browse the options to see which strain best fits your needs and what you expect from a smoking experience.

Take a look at our selection to see which hemp strains might work best for you. We list full terpene profiles for our hemp flower strains, giving you the best insight into the flavor and effects of each strain.

Full-spectrum CBD contains all the compounds found in cannabis, including THC. The THC content is negligible, under the 0.3% that is legal for hemp plant products, but when combined with all the other compounds in hemp CBD, it enhances the effects.

Broad-spectrum CBD contains multiple cannabinoids, not just CBD. It contains zero THC, but it does have other compounds like cannabigerol, or CBG. CBG flower.

Some experts believe that the presence of these other compounds produces something called the entourage effect, which heightens the overall results of the CBD.


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