Steps on How to Use Delta-8 Tincture

The 2018 Farm Bill granted industrial hemp production federally legal status, as long as the hemp products contain 0.3% THC at most. Since then, the cannabis industry has focused on designing and manufacturing different cannabinoids that would allow consumers to enjoy all the benefits and desired effects of hemp plants. Delta-8 tincture provides one way of doing so.

Delta-8 THC tinctures are easy and convenient to use. Consumers have many factors to consider when consuming hemp-derived THC and other cannabinoids, though. These include the strain, potency, dosage needs, time of day, and lifestyle preferences of each individual.

Learn about the various means of consuming Delta-8 tinctures below.

Different Ways to Use Delta-8 THC Tincture

Many assume that the only way to experience the positive effects of Delta-8 tinctures is through half a dropper or a few drops under the tongue. On the contrary, there are multiple ways you can use this organic hemp product mixed with a carrier oil.

Consume It Sublingually

It's possible to drop oil tinctures directly on your tongue using a dropper, but most users prefer to hold the product under their tongue. By holding it sublingually instead swallowing down the oil immediately, you can absorb the Delta-8 THC hemp extract better.

The actual oil might is an acquired taste. Most people would choose Delta-8 THC tincture that uses organic ingredients for added flavor, making the experience more enjoyable.

On average, the effects kick in within ten minutes to about an hour after consuming the oil tincture. Ultimately, it depends on the tolerance and reaction of the human body to the Delta-8 product.

Mix It with Your Food or Drinks

Another common way of consuming Delta-8 THC tincture is mixing it with food or drinks. This is the preferred method by people who aren't particularly fond of the flavor or texture of the oil on or under their tongue. They would rather mix it into something that masks the taste.

It's often better to mix Delta-8 into your meal rather than into a beverage. The oil does not mix well with liquids, so it might end up floating on top of tea or coffee. However, if you want it in your drink, make sure you mix it thoroughly and consume it right away. You can use a blender or an electric stirrer to blend it more evenly into your drink.

Apply It on Your Skin

You don't need to digest Delta-8 tinctures to experience their noticeable effects. You may also apply this product topically. Remember that you only need a small amount because too much might leave a greasy mess on your skin. Or, you can start by rubbing a small amount onto your skin before adding more, depending on what you are comfortable with.

Experience the Best Way to Use Delta-8 Tincture

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